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Please do say goodbye to news reporter CJ as he descends the ladder from the RPS treehouse one final time, if you haven’t already. Then return to tell us all what you’re playing this weekend. Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I will mostly be playing Forspoken which gets both more interesting and more annoying in equal amounts, the longer I play it. It’s a circumstance I don’t think I’ve been in with a game before. Also, it’s not annoying in the way you think. Review some time next week.


A surprise new game from Tango Gameworks? Let’s go, Hi-Fi Rush!


GoldenEye 007 for the rest of time. Bye everyone!


After a brilliant – but tiring – trip to Berlin, I plan on charging my mental batteries this weekend. It will involve sinking into my couch and dipping into Persona 5: Royal. That’s it, that’s all I’m doing.


I downloaded Hi-Fi Rush earlier this week using Game Pass, and I can’t put it down. I’m not great at staying on the beat, but I love its approach to rewarding me when I get it right, rather than punishing me when I get it wrong. I’ll also continue to chip away at Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, in which I’m now starting to challenge the AI on hard. I don’t win, but I give them a good run. Oh, and I’m still reeling from Critical Role’s Mighty Nein animated series reveal, so I’ll probably cry about that at some point.


A friend has just gifted me The Entropy Centre, which was jolly nice of them. Good timing, too – Portal with RTX recently rekindled my interest in first-person puzzle games with comedy elements where you use a science gun to progress through test chambers.


Playing the Dune board game last weekend took way longer than we anticipated (7 hours!), so I didn’t actually get much time to finish off Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order after all. So that’s this weekend’s task once more. I’ve enjoyed parping around the galaxy with old Cal, even if I still can’t parry to save my life. I might also, for old time’s sake, give old GoldenEye a go through Xbox’s cloud beta. I’m almost embarrassed by how quickly my N64 muscle memory came back when I tried the first level on the dam yesterday, but it holds up pretty well so far!

Hi-Fi Rush


Tango Gameworks launched a new game this week? By surprise? And it’s a rhythm-action hack ‘n slash? Cancel all my plans. My weekend is devoted to Hi-Fi Rush and Hi-Fi Rush alone.


I just recently fell in love with a wonderful game called Songs Of Conquest, and have been playing through the campaign non-stop over the past couple of days. I’m sure others have better comparisons to make, but it reminds me most of The Battle For Wesnoth, another pixel art turn based strategy game that I played a lot of growing up. Songs Of Conquest seems quite a bit harder than Wesnoth so far, though. Or maybe I’m just shite. We’ll see.

is poorly!


Operation: finish some damn games is going fairly well, and I’m now tasked with choosing what to focus on next. Strange Horticulture or Ghostwire: Tokyo? Both were among my GOTYs last year, so it’s a tough decision. Although to be fair I think I must be less than an hour away from the end of Strange Horticulture and maybe halfway through Ghostwire’s open-world explore-a-thon, so perhaps I should stick to the easy wins first. And of course, there’s still Pentiment ticking away in the background.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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